Papers and Publications

Among the most recent publications by Magi:

“Amour de Mots et Mots d’Amour”, 2011
Excerpt: There’s a French proverb that says: “C’est le ton qui fait la chanson,” it is the tone that makes the music, the tone that makes the song. Hence, it is not only the choice of words that count but also the music that goes along with them. If our words are in synch with our analysands’s deepest needs, if they accurately reflect, mirror and validate the analysand’s underlying thoughts and feelings, then, a very profound healing effect is likely to occur. If, on the other hand, the rhythm and tonality of our words is not in harmony with our analysand’s unconscious constellation,then the latter’s soul cannot find a secure place where it can express itself, where it can evolve and have the possibility to heal and transform.

“Transformation and Divine Inspiration in the World of Jung and Ibn Arabi”, 2007
Excerpt: The paper contrasts and compares Ibn Arabi’s concept of spirituality, reflected in his life and writings during that period of Medieval Spain,  when Muslims, Jews  and Christians, established  inter-religious dialogues and lived in relative amity, with Jung’s basic ideas and understanding of the Religious dimension and nature of the psyche. I once read in one of Jung’s letters, that God never speaks to man except through his own soul…and this, the soul can understand…

So who was this extra-ordinary Mystic who had a profound insight into and understanding of human nature? Ibn Arabi, as we will further see in this paper, was able to teach not only by deed but also by word…he was one of those few who were able to realize their true nature through experience and state of being, rather than through intellectual thinking. Jung himself echoed this idea and showed by many examples out of his practice, the existence of a real and authentic religious function being present at the depths of the unconscious. He saw religion in the sense of a personal, individual religious experience and attributed to it the highest value, regardless of how poor it could be, because it dealt with life in its immediacy.

“Individuation Psychology. Essays in Honor of Murray Stein”, 2023
Chapter 2: “Individuation as Testimony of Inner Process.” By Magi Guindi
Proust and Jung in their own individual way, embarked with great dedication and courage upon the search of their deeper being, a search which remained imprinted in their life work as a true testament for the generations to come.

This Individual Adventure towards the realization of one’s authentic being, this individual pathway and destiny that unfolds of its own accord during a lifetime, is itself an opus contra naturam, presenting each one of us with a different and unique challenging task. Such undertaking requires an almost religious attitude of devotion dedication and faithfulness to pay tribute to this valuable soul dimension. Thus the significance of maintaining an ongoing communication with the Inner Other which seems to inspire and steer our lives towards the realization of a unique divine plan.

Upcoming book: “Kaleidoskopic Window to the Soul’s Timeless Essence”
Childhood experiences are a sort of anti-chamber into the archetypal realm, opening the door to a reality that is not time bound, for it enters into the time world via our Imagination, our most precious instrument for recreating the past. As we open the door to our early memories we gain access to an eternal dimension, to a reality which is everlasting, for it lies within.
There is thus something essential that lasts forever, that exists at the foundational level. Thus the significance of living in harmony and synchronicity with our essential inner reality entailing at the same time an honest commitment to the process of Individuation.