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What is Jungian Analysis?
“The true Physician does not stand outside his work but is always in the thick of it…” Jung (Psychology and Alchemy par 5)

According to Jung, “There is in the psyche a process that seeks its own goal independently of external factors.” He believed that the really important things were within.

c.g.jungCe qu’on appelle “Inconscient” est une force vivant en nous qui tend vers la réalisation d’une conscience, d’un équilibre supérieur et d’une élargissement.”

For Jung, psychology does not come out of books, but rather his psychology really came out of his experience with his own psyche.

When we learn from working with one’s own psyche, the unconscious becomes ready to the steps needed.

Jungian analysis, is a process through which one learns directly from the psyche itself and how to work with it. For instance, if it gives you anxiety, then you learn from that, if it gives you anger, you learn from that by asking yourself, “is there something in the emotion that I need to learn?” you let it teach you something. This is an “opus contra naturam” movement because one generally wants to run away from painful and uncomfortable emotions, “give me something to get rid of this…”but it is through the capacity of holding the negatives and the positives together in one’s consciousness, without letting one destroy or repress the other, because both the positive and the negative polarities are of value for one’s own internal development.

“Little can be achieved with will and good intentions if the unconscious does not lend a hand…” (Mysterium par 751)

NigredoAlbedoRubedo-copia“The ground work does not show… until one day”